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Dimo Dimov
He is a chef and owner of restaurants Pure. Dimo is an inspiration for the whole Pure crew, as well as, for the clients who enjoy his meals. Dimo believes that everyone should be able to get delicious, high quality food on affordable price.
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Yordan Rangelov
Harry is a Chef at Pure Sopharma Towers. He likes preparing every kind of cuisine, however, his great passion is Mediterranean food, especially Italian pasta. 
Tsvetаlin Zholev
Choco is the chef of Pure Europe. He might seem a little bit cross when you meet him for the first time but actually, he is focused on creating the dishes for the menu.
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Nikolay Kosev

Nikolay is the head chef at PURE Grand Bistro. He adores Italian cuisine because he believes that there is no other myriad of flavors as in his favorite cuisine. One of his favorit ingredients to cook with is fish, especially the turbot. 
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Yordan Donchev
Yordan - "The Pharaoh" is the chef of Pure Metro. He started his career by helping a French chef, that is why he is so passionate about French cuisine and his favorite dish is Cordon Bleu.
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Antonio Ivanov

Meet Antonio Ivanov! He is a chef in PURE Sopharma Business Towers. Antonio loves all cuisines, but he finds Asian food to be more interesting than others because of its diversity.

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Nikol Tsvetanova
Meet Nikol Tsvetanova. At the age of 20, she is a chef as part of the catering of Cult Gourmet Catering and at restaurant PURE Europe. She loves Mediterranean cuisine. She also loves cooking with seafood and all kinds of fish. 
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Marieta Subeva
Marieta is only 29-years-old, but she has devoted the last ten years exclusively to gourmet cuisine. Her love for cooking was inspired by the first dish her mother taught Mimi to cook - beans. Her first fritters, Mimi shared she cooked when she was in the second grade, "They looked like fried brsuchetti, because they were all bread and water." :) 
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Tanya Kirilova

Tanya is happy to cook, because she has always wanted to do this. She likes to experimetn with fish, but likes traditional Bulgarian cuisine. She is charge of a good team of responsible assistants in the kitchen of Cafè Restaurant "Europe" in the city of Sofia.